Hoff Skyline Trainers
Hoff Skyline Trainers
Hoff Skyline Trainers
Hoff Skyline Trainers
Hoff Skyline Trainers

Hoff Skyline Trainers

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 - Iconic 90's silhouette, in blue suede, white mesh & leather &a contrast of pale blue satin.

- Memory-foam insoles and an air-cushioned sole in a cream hue.

- Running shoe style, but with a feminine edge.

- Sole height 3cm with air chamber.

- Side panels in either leather or fabric. Leather certified by LWG & mesh is breathable.

How to clean your HOFF in 4 steps

1. Protect it

We have developed the HOFF Protector Spray, which will prevent stains and moisture, thus preserving colour and quality. We recommend its use every month or two months after every time you put on your zapatilla.

This HOFF Spray Protector is innovative thanks to its water-based formula: it is hypoallergenic and non-flammable. In addition, al no ser en aerosol, it allows for a greater improvement of the product and medioambient care.

2. Clean it

With a soft bristle brush, gently scrub your shoes. If necessary, use water and a mild cleaner on technical materials only, avoiding the leather. With the HOFF Sneaker Cleaner you can easily and gently clean your shoes thanks to the microfibre towel and the hypoallergenic, water-based formula.

3. Laces treatment

Remove the laces and wash them in the washing machine along with your regular clothes.

IMPORTANT: Remember never to put your shoes in the washing machine.

4. Drying and care of soles

Let the shoes air dry for at least 24 hours. Remove extra moisture with toilet paper or a towel and place paper balls inside to keep the shape. Clean the soles with a damp cloth or brush to preserve their appearance.